Day 4 – 7:00 a.m. Harvest 

This is it, time for…harvest!

  • final rinse
  • hull removal
  • spinning (to drain the sprouts)
  • weighing
  • bagging
  • freezing – Freezing fresh broccoli sprouts increases sulforaphane 1.825 times its original value when fresh and not frozen. Important – use the broccoli sprouts straight from the freezer and do not allow them to thaw. Why Freeze Broccoli Sprouts?
  • Sprouts are also delicious in a spinach salad with some balsamic vinegar, an apple, etc…. but the level of sulforaphane is less.


Harvest tools – kitchen scale – bowel – lettuce spinner – large rinsing bowel


I add 3 quarts of filtered water to a very large stainless steel bowel with 2 jars of sprouts. In the next video I demonstrate how to move the sprouts around to allow as many of the seed hulls to float to the surface as possible.


In the next video I show how to use a small glass to remove seed hulls.


After removing as many hulls as possible I transfer 4 to 5 “clumps” of sprouts into the lettuce spinner. This is sprouts from roughly one jar (145-155g).

I stick the lid on and give it a good spin to remove as much excess water as possible.

Then I transfer the “spun sprouts” into the bowel/kitchen scale. My target is 145-155 grams.

Then transfer the 145-155 grams of sprouts into a ziploc bag and place in the freezer immediately.

NOTE: Each day I pull 1 bag (145-155 grams) of sprouts from the freezer and make a smoothie with the entire bag. (145-155 grams of broccoli sprouts yields approx. 60 milligrams of sulforaphane)

Once completed I wash everything REALLY well with HOT water and soap.  All of the soapy water goes down the drain to wash out and kill seed growth in drain lines.  You could also put them in the dishwasher (lids on the top rack), but do run plenty of water through the drain line.

That evening I start the process over, putting another batch of seeds to soak.